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Dentists QRD Dental have developed their own methodology that allows you to get the desired result at a reasonable price and in a short time. At the same time, we adhere to the indestructible principles of modern dentistry: Kiev and other cities have already seen that QRD means quality materials, high standards of medical responsibility (responsibility) and long-term result (durability)


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QRD System Methodology
Comprehensive diagnostics
A treatment plan based on a decision by a panel of doctors
Professional phased treatment
Rehabilitation process support
Individual preventive comprehensive care

Greetings from the founder

Welcome to the QRD Dental dentistry website. In developing the concept of the work of our specialists, the main task was to completely change the usual formats of doctors' work and treatment approaches. Professional dental services should be pain-free, without unpleasant odors, affordable and surely convenient for any patient. Exactly such modern dentistry is QRD Dental. In the first place for us is health and respect for our customers. Professional approaches to treatment using high-quality materials and other principles of work are described in a single methodology. Visit us and make sure that the path to healthy and beautiful teeth can be very fast and very comfortable. We are waiting for you!

Proprietary methodology QRD system
Over 100 prosthetics procedures per year
3500 procedures
teeth whitening per year
1000+ successful implants
Over 2,000+ patients with the right bite
Спасено 5000 зубов, благодаря профилактике
Valeriy Mahinya, founder
Valeriy Mahinya, founder
With love to our customers
Good to know
We work with insurance companies
We work with insurance companies
Dental treatment QRD Dental is possible under the insurance policy of Ukrainian and foreign companies
We issue an act of completion
We issue an act of completion
Treatment in dentistry is carried out under an agreement and the result is confirmed by the certificate of completion.
We offer an extended warranty.
We offer an extended warranty.
The guarantee for dental services can be extended up to 3 years - we recommend for large-scale treatment
Bilohytskyi Oleksii Victorovych
Bilohytskyi Oleksii Victorovych

To the best staff and responsive professionals, I want to express incredible gratitude for your work, positive and love for clients. I want to wish the best clients, positive and friendly, and also wish you always to be the professionals and the best you are at QRD Dental Clinic! You are the best!

Gladchenky Family

We wish you good success in your work, good luck, good clients for the future. We have the best feedback on the work of doctor Valery Valentinov.

Artem Khan
Artem Khan

I was always afraid to go to the dentist, I thought it was very painful, but it turned out that there should be a professional who would do everything right, came to QRD Dental Clinic, after a couple of visits I realized that it was not scary and not painful. Thanks!

Dentistry QRD: prices in Kiev, questions and answers

What treatment guarantees does QRD Dental dentistry provide?

The standard warranty for dental services is 6-12 months, depending on the set of services. But a big plus for our Clients is that each patient has the opportunity to extend the warranty to 3 years, thanks to the unique offer from QRD Dental.


Do QRD Dental dentists have sufficient experience and knowledge to perform complex treatment: do they work with veneers, prosthetics, aligning teeth, implants and other complex procedures?

All dentists are constantly improving their skills both in Ukraine and abroad, have many years of experience and sufficient qualifications to perform any dental procedures. Including comprehensive services: alignment of teeth without braces using eliners, installation of veneers, professional implantation of teeth, high-quality prosthetics and other procedures. All services are warranted. You can get acquainted with the work of QRD Dental specialists in the corresponding section on the website of our dentistry.

What are the prices in dentistry?

The cost of services does not differ from the average market in Kiev. Dentistry QRD Dental at affordable prices offers an individual treatment card, and specialists use only high-quality materials. Therefore, we confidently affirm that in our dentistry the best quality and very affordable prices.


How does the QRD Dental clinic differ from others, why should you come to you?

Every day, our dentists work to solve the problems of their patients, while changing the attitude to the dentistry industry step by step. We believe that we have the most important thing that every doctor should achieve – trust and patient comfort. QRD System’s own methodology – a phased integrated approach to solving any treatment problem, commitment to only high-quality materials and high standards of doctors’ responsibility give us the uniqueness that you have been looking for for so long. We are waiting for you in our dentistry in order to see this from our own experience. Call for an appointment right now!

Do you work with pregnant women in the late stages?

Dentistry QRD Dental works with any patient, including women awaiting the birth of a baby. Our doctors are qualified and have the necessary medications to solve the problem of toothache, preserving your health and the health of the unborn child.


Is treatment possible on credit or by installments?

We offer our clients convenient phased treatment. Therefore, you do not need to think about loans or installments, this is simply not necessary. Treatment takes place according to an individual schedule that is comfortable for you. The treatment plan is signed at convenient stages, so that each patient can plan the costs of their own health.

Do you work with insurance companies? What do you need for insurance service?

Yes, QRD Dental dentistry works with insurance companies, both foreign and Ukrainian. However, for such work it is necessary that your insurance provides for the possibility of servicing in our clinic and the necessary services are included in the insurance policy. To receive insurance treatment, you will also need preliminary confirmation from the insurance company on an invoice – an invoice that will be issued for the services (usually this is done over the phone or in another way).


Do you work with insurance companies? What do you need for insurance service?

Yes. Our dentists can take with acute toothache right today. The administrator of the clinic will definitely try to find a “window” in the schedule of doctors to urgently solve the patient’s problem. Call now!