We are keen on playing little patients

In one of the best dentistry in Kiev and Kiev region, you will be offered an all-encompassing service – including comfortable acquaintance with “Dr. Aibolit” for your child. A new place and new people who want to “see their teeth and mouth” are always micro-stress for all children. We understand that for successful quick treatment of small patients it is important how the child perceives the dentist and the QRD Dental clinic.

That is why in the children’s corner of our dentistry we offer to tell in a playful way how to brush our teeth, draw a fun process of treating the “patient” on paper and do everything possible so that the child, mom and dad relax. And only after the child is involved in the process of his treatment and will not be afraid of it, we proceed to the necessary procedures.

If a child needs a few visits to get used to it, we are only in favor! Come to us just to get used to it. The main thing is that the children trust the doctor and feel safe. Only after that a high-quality and quick treatment is possible. Waiting for you! Sign up for a QRD Dental study visit right now!

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