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Remove the wisdom tooth

Remove the wisdom tooth in Kiev in Borshchagovka

If you are going to remove a wisdom tooth , then in this article you will find all the answers to popular questions. Such a dental operation always sounds scary, it’s hard to decide on it, but is everything really as it seems at first glance? Let’s get it together. Dentistry QRD Dental is ready to answer any questions.

Does it hurt to remove a wisdom tooth

More likely moral! After all, sometimes it’s hard to even think that someone will pull out a tooth. But physically, you won’t even feel it, because there is anesthesia that does its job well. Of course, after the anesthesia ceases to function, the place where the wisdom tooth is removed will begin to ache. But in this case, the doctor from the QRD clinic will prescribe good painkillers for you. A small swelling may also appear, but here you should not worry. After a short time he will come down.

Removing a wisdom tooth: prices in Kiev

In Kiev, prices for removal of a wisdom tooth have a wide range – from 500 to 3000 UAH. This is due more to the level of specialist and the level of service of the clinic itself. At few experienced specialists and in clinics, the cost of removing a wisdom tooth is cheaper, but the process is almost always painful and very unpleasant. Therefore, do not look for the lowest price in Kiev if you value your health. It is better to do a tooth extraction with good specialists at an average price.

QRD dentistry offers affordable prices. At the same time, we have the highest level of specialists. That is why we guarantee high-quality removal of the wisdom tooth without complications.

Is it always necessary to remove a wisdom tooth

Unfortunately, almost everyone is going through this difficult period, because it is commonly believed that eighth teeth are not needed. Sounds weird, right? Doctors say that in addition to the above, they bring other problems. For example, it is not always possible to reach the destination with a toothbrush. Thus, the teeth do not receive the necessary care and suffer, and treating them does not make sense. In addition, they may provide some inconvenience due to improper position. So when the dentist offers remove the wisdom tooth , it’s better to agree. Presumably, the operation will take some time: from 10 minutes to an hour.

What happens if you don’t remove the wisdom tooth

If he has enough space, does not interfere with other teeth, does not displace the row, and the tooth is healthy, then you can not remove it. But in most cases this cannot be avoided.

If you don’t remove the wisdom tooth in time, then it can harm the rest, as a result of which you will have to pull out the neighboring ones. To prevent this from happening, come for a free consultation at the QRD Dental clinic. Experienced experts will tell you what to do with wisdom teeth, and whether you need to remove them. So call us right now! We will be glad to visit you at any time.

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