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Dentistry Borshchagovka

Dentistry Borshchagovka
Sometimes a toothache comes when you do not expect it at all! And it’s good if there is affordable Dentistry QRD Dental. It is located on the western outskirts of Kiev in the Sofievskaya Borshchagovka district along 4 Travneva Street.

If you live in other areas of Kiev, this is also not a problem. After all, you can get from anywhere: either by car, or by minibus, which runs through the city from morning to evening.

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Dentistry Borshchagovka – free consultation

First of all, you need to come for a consultation to understand what the problem is, and to take up its solution as soon as possible. It will not cost you anything! In the literal sense of the word. Dentists of the QRD clinic are ready to conduct diagnostics and examinations absolutely free of charge.

They include: examination of the oral cavity, detection of caries, verification of fillings, as well as individually considered problem areas and treatment is prescribed.

Dentistry at Borshchagovka is definitely worth your attention! Indeed, professionals in their field work in a modern clinic.

Dental treatment in Kiev, Borshchagovka

Dentistry is not always painful! For some reason, many are afraid to go to the dentist, and all the time they put it off for later. But do not our teeth suffer from this? And how!

QRD Clinic is different from many others. She knows how to do her job at the highest level, uses only high-quality materials so that tooth problems do not bother you for a long time! And also inside are prepared safe and very comfortable conditions for each client!

Dental treatment

Affordable dentistry (Borshchagovka)

Finding a clinic that will appeal to you and where prices will please you is not so difficult. First, we want to remind you that QRD Dental Clinic offers a free initial consultation. Secondly, for regular customers dentistry at Borshchagovka makes discounts. Thirdly, comprehensive services operate on an ongoing basis. That is, the treatment is much cheaper.

As you can see, there are a lot of privileges in the QRD Dental dentistry, which is located on Borshchagovka! Therefore, do not postpone things with teeth for later! Call us right now and make an appointment!

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