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Pull out a tooth

Pull out a tooth
Different situations arise, sometimes you can solve the problem in the oral cavity without surgery, and sometimes you have to pull out a tooth. Of course, not the most pleasant feeling, but what if this is the only solution ?!

How to understand what you need to pull out a tooth

Everything is simple! If the tooth can no longer be saved, it must be removed. Sometimes the cause is rotten roots, or caries that has gone too far, or nothing to put a seal on. But do not be upset. If you pulled out a tooth – this does not mean that you have to walk with a hole.

Fortunately, modern dentistry can work wonders. For example, you can put an implant. Such procedures are done in QRD Dental Clinic. In addition, there pull out teeth. If you want to immediately put an artificial tooth, then inform the doctor in advance. He will prescribe an individual treatment to do everything quickly and efficiently.

How to pull out a tooth painlessly?

We are fortunate to have been born in the 21st century, and not thousands of years ago when they did it with their bare hands and without anesthesia. You have absolutely nothing to fear. Everything just looks scary.

The doctor will apply local anesthesia, test the sensitivity and do the trick. No problem!

Is it possible to pull out a tooth yourself

Do not try to repeat the procedure at home yourself. Neither myself, nor the child, nor anyone else. Because for this there are specially trained specialists. At the slightest attempt, you can harm yourself. For instance, pull out a tooth partially or infect, and then there will be problems on a global scale. All the same, you will have to seek help from a surgeon.

How to reduce pain after a tooth is pulled out?

Usually, anesthesia passes in a few hours, after which the place where the tooth was removed may gradually begin to “whine”. In this case, ask the doctor what needs to be taken so that the pain goes away. Sometimes rinsing helps, and sometimes you need to drink painkillers. Which ones – be sure to check out!

And another important tip! If you need a dentist pulled out a tooth, then it is advisable not to eat anything for the next 2-3 hours until anesthesia passes.

For other questions of interest, contact us at the QRD Dental Clinic right now! Better yet – sign up for a free consultation right away.

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