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To date dentistry is in great demand, because there are more and more people who want to be the owner of a perfect smile. Any desires are no longer a problem, the main thing is to find a specialist who will do everything correctly and efficiently. But how to find such a clinic? In this we will help to figure it out.

How to choose a good dentistry?

Firstly, you should not focus only on that dental clinic, which is located nearby. Secondly, when there are some problems with the teeth, it’s better sign up for an initial consultation, to understand if the doctor is right for you, what the treatment will be and how much money it will cost. By the way, at the QRD Dental Clinic, a consultation with a dentist is completely free. And the institution does not employ students, but professionals with many years of experience who give a guarantee on the work performed.

When you come to a new clinic, always ask your dentist if dentistry gives a guarantee. It is very important! You must be sure that the seal, for example, will not fly out as soon as you leave the building.

Affordable prices for dental services

It is difficult to catch two birds with one stone, but sometimes it turns out. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to get quality work at affordable prices – and it is real! In QRD dentistry, that’s exactly the case. You do not have to save money from every salary in order to do your teeth in a year. You do not have to save on something to put a seal. After all, the clinic offers good, and most importantly affordable prices for everyone, comprehensive services are provided, and discounts are also available for regular customers. In addition, the atmosphere is such that after the first consultation you will not want to leave.

Painless dentistry in dentistry

“Doctor, does it hurt?” – This question is a frequent guest in the dental office. And some begin to “coward” in fear even before they sit in a chair. Why is this happening? Because human psychology is this: to be afraid of what is unknown to us. And the instinct of self-preservation works. But more often than not, what we are afraid of is not so scary. Moreover, in modern dentistry there is such a word as anesthesia. She takes all the pain onto herself during heavy operations and returns in a small amount when she needs to “leave”. That is, in a few hours. Modern dentistry prepared for love situations, she has good technique and the best materials. So no need to worry again. The doctor will do everything to make you comfortable and as painless as possible.

Do I need to go to dentistry if nothing hurts?

Be sure to! Even if there are no sharp pains, you still need to visit the dentist. Once every six months, you should come for an examination, because there are hidden problems that can destroy teeth on their own. Take caries, for example. You have probably heard about this pathological process, which slowly “kills” a tooth and spreads to neighboring ones. At first, just black dots appear, then they increase and go deep into the tooth. And then there will be nothing to treat. That is why you should not put off a trip to dentistry. In addition, 2 times a year you need to do professional brushing and get rid of stones that arise due to poor water and improper care.

How has dentistry changed over thousands of years?

For several thousand years, dental treatment methods have changed a lot. And it’s just wonderful! If there was a time machine and it would be possible to go back, then you would be scared, and immediately asked to go back. Because earlier, if a tooth hurt, it was simply removed with forceps, and not treated, they did everything without anesthesia, and at one time they even used the teeth of animals to put an implant. And although it’s hard to believe, but the story is first dentistry cannot be deleted.

Another interesting fact! 400 years ago, the Roman physician Pliny lived. So, in order to alleviate the pain, he recommended putting in the ear, which is located on the side of the diseased tooth, a passerine or crow droppings. And stir it with a little. That’s just interesting, how did they track the birds? These are the methods once used by our ancestors.

So enjoy the reality and come to us at the QRD Dental Clinic. Modern dentistry located on Sofievskaya Borshchagovka!

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