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Dentistry in Kiev

Dentistry in Kiev
Modern dentistry in town Kiev reached a new level! She is literally capable of anything. High-quality technology, the best materials and the hands of a master can work wonders in the oral cavity. One of them is QRD Dental Clinic. Dentistry in Kiev is located on Sofiyivska Borshchahivka on Travneva Street 4.

The destination can be easily reached from anywhere in the city by car, taxi or metro.

Quality dental services can now be obtained in Ukraine, it is not necessary to go “to other countries”. After all, the QRD clinic has gathered the best specialists who perform jewelry work with teeth at the highest level and at the same time guarantee all this.

Stomatology (Kiev): services

QRD Clinic provides services of different levels of complexity: professional cleaning, bleaching, prosthetics, implantation, veneering, filling and more. But for a start, you should still sign up for a free consultation! The doctor will perform an external examination, listen to your complaints and prescribe treatment. If it will consist of several stages, then comprehensive services will be selected at a convenient schedule and affordable price! In addition, there is a 10% discount for regular customers. For other actions, check with the administration directly during the visit.

Dentistry (Kiev): how to make an appointment

Simply! To sign up for a free consultation, just go to our website and call the number. You can also come to the clinic and do it right on the spot. The doctor will see you soon.

At the consultation you will receive a full examination of the teeth, recommendations for treatment, as well as answers to all questions that interest you about care. Dentistry QRD (Kiev) works even on weekends so as not to make you suffer and count the days when the door will be open.

Visit to dentistry (Kyiv): how to prepare

There are a few rules you need to know before going to the doctor. You should not drink alcohol, especially if you are under anesthesia, eat well and be sure to brush your teeth again. That’s all!

So we are waiting for your call! Do it now and let it be the first step to a beautiful smile. Call at any time!

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