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Dentistry Vernadsky

Dentistry Vernadsky
When was the last time you treated your teeth? If for six months, then this is a big plus, and if not, then you should make an appointment in dentistry QRD Dental, which is located near the Academician Vernadsky Boulevard. About the features of the clinic, and why you should sign up there, we argue now.

Dentistry on Vernadsky Boulevard: services

The range of services is wide. For specialists, there are no problems in the oral cavity that cannot be solved as soon as possible.

The list of services includes: free consultation, treatment of a broken tooth, removal of nerves, cysts, tartar, installation of fillings of various difficulty levels, caries treatment, implantation, sinus lift, prosthetics, professional cleaning, whitening, restoration, tooth extraction and more.

Availability of dentistry QRD (Blvd. Vernadsky)

Treatment in our dentistry is available to everyone! For example, if you need to supply a quality long-term seal, the cost will vary from 480 hryvnia. It all depends on the amount of work. A temporary seal will cost even cheaper – only 350 hryvnia. You can look at the prices for other procedures on our website!

Be sure to sign up for a QRD Dental Clinic for a consultation. Call now! Your teeth will be in good hands. Do not even hesitate.

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