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Remove the tooth

Remove the tooth
Making a decision is sometimes the hardest task! Especially when the time has come remove the tooth. Professional dentists and surgeons at QRD Dental Clinic will help you do this. How to find us? We are located on Sofievskaya Borshchagovka on Mayskaya street 4.

When do I need to remove a tooth?

There are several cases when it is necessary to get rid of a tooth: the presence of advanced caries, when it is no longer possible to put a seal, if the tooth has an incorrect position and thus it injures soft tissues or has a cyst. There are other points, but it all depends entirely on your situation.

Of course, one thought about what the dentist said remove the tooth, a little scary, but do not panic, because the doctor will anesthetize the procedure and you won’t even feel anything.

Can a tooth be removed during pregnancy?

It is possible, but it is better to do this to an interesting position in order to avoid a serious psychological state and not harm the fetus.

If you already have such a situation that tooth extraction cannot be dispensed with, then it is better to do surgical manipulation in the second trimester. But it is best to consult a doctor during an examination of the oral cavity. By the way, in dentistry QRD free consultation available.

How much does tooth extraction cost?

The operation consists of two stages. The first is anesthesia. Its price is only 50 hryvnia. And the second stage is direct removal. The cost of surgical procedures from 470 hryvnia, it varies depending on the complexity of the situation.

Several surgeons work in the QRD Dental Clinic, which gives you the opportunity to choose a doctor who is at your disposal. It is worth considering that all of the local dentists have significant experience. So worrying that you fall into the hands of a layman is not at all necessary.

If you are not sure, you need to pull a tooth out or if you can be cured, then sign up for a free consultation, where the doctor will tell you everything in detail and draw up an individual treatment plan.

QRD Dental Clinic – the place where the real “dental jewelers” gathered! Therefore certainly call us and come to the reception! Even in the most difficult situations, doctors will find a way out so that you like your smile.

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