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Children’s dentist

Children's dentist
When adults can talk about pain, children will be silent! Especially with regard to very young children. Children’s dentist repeatedly proved this theory. And all because they are afraid of incomprehensible sounds that are heard from behind the door of the dentist’s office. It seems that it will certainly hurt. Therefore, it is important from an early age to explain everything in detail: why do not be afraid of doctors and why you need to go to them.

Children’s dentist in Kiev: where to go

To teach a child to care for his teeth, you need to find a good licensed dentist who has experience working with children, can easily find an approach, knows their psychology well, and love will also show attention and, in a way, love. You will meet exactly such a pediatric dentist at QRD Dental Clinic on Sofievskaya Borshchagovka. To get an appointment, you just need to call the clinic! The administrator will select the most convenient time for you!

Why is it important to take your child to a pediatric dentist

It is important not to miss the moment! Remember this when you want to postpone dental treatment in a child. Milk teeth, like permanent teeth, are valuable. Those parents who think that they can “not bother” with milk teeth are deeply mistaken, because they themselves will fall out. Remember that in order to grow healthy permanent teeth, you need to take good care of inconsistent teeth: it is necessary to treat caries and other diseases.

Children’s dentist in QRD Dental, it’s best to do this task, and it will also help you choose a toothbrush, toothpaste and show how to brush your teeth.

Children’s dentist at QRD Dental Clinic – services and prices

Oddly enough, but children, as well as adults, also need to do professional cleaning of milk teeth. It will cost you about 500 hryvnia for 2 jaws. Installation of the seal will cost from 450 to 650 hryvnia. Also children’s dentist treats pulpitis, periodontitis and makes a protective coating against caries. You can look at the prices for these and other procedures on the website.

Besides dentistry QRD provides medical care not only to children, but also to adults. Therefore, be sure to contact us at the clinic. Professional doctors will advise you for free in any matter. Call us now to solve your dental problems once and for all!

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