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Cleaning + Whitening

Cleaning + Whitening
A Hollywood smile is the dream of every modern person. Because teeth are not only a business card, but also give a feeling of maximum self-confidence.

Dentistry QRD offers you a unique opportunity: professionally clean and safely whiten your teeth in just one go! Two treatments at a time is a great opportunity to save time and money. And most importantly, you get an excellent result – perfectly clean teeth and the effect of enamel brightening. Your smile will become dazzling and brilliant literally!

If you do each procedure separately, then it will cost more. Both procedures at a time in the complex cost only 3 thousand hryvnias. And the net savings of your personal finances will be 900 UAH! Do not miss this advantageous opportunity, because the promotion is valid only until the end of this month. Call and sign up to us right now!

Why is it important to clean and bleach in one session?

Our experts do not recommend visiting the dentist in 2 doses – for cleaning separately, and for whitening separately. It is all about our nature. Professional cleaning of the oral cavity will help get rid of plaque, tartar and gives enamel clarification of 0.5-1 tone. But, if you sign up for the bleaching procedure a few days later after cleaning, then during this time the enamel will already acquire new bacteria and become the same.

It is also important to understand that teeth whitening is still not performed without professional brushing. That is why it is best to do two procedures in one appointment at the QRD Dental Clinic. In addition, you will save both time and a pleasant amount! Oh yes. A little surprise awaits you! Read on.

Professional toothbrushing in dentistry QRD: how everything happens

The dental cleaning procedure in QRD Dental Clinic consists of six stages. First, the doctor discusses with the Patient important aspects of dental treatment, then, by mutual agreement, they sign documents that indicate all the procedures and provide a guarantee.

The next step will be an examination of the oral cavity. The doctor will undoubtedly demonstrate to you the whole situation that has developed in the oral cavity. The third stage is very important. In order not to injure soft tissues, the dentist must isolate them. Then all the teeth are painted over with a special plaque indicator to monitor the deposits that formed on the teeth. Thus, you will see a lighter shade in places where plaque is the least, and more violet, where teeth need a more thorough brushing.

The fourth stage is the removal of dental deposits by ultrasound. A very convenient, quick and completely painless procedure.

The next step is polishing the teeth. A professional dentist at QRD Dental Clinic performs polishing with two powders – soft and glycine, which contribute to high-quality cleansing. At the final stage of cleaning, the oral cavity is polished with a special professional paste and brush.

Professional teeth cleaning

Only after going through such a “procedure ladder” can you start whitening your teeth. Professional whitening will give even up to 1-2 tones of clarification of tooth enamel. As a result – at a festive event, at home or at work, your smile will be the most snow-white!

Without fail, the doctor will give recommendations on how to care for your teeth so that the effect lasts longer. In addition, you will find a pleasant surprise from QRD Dental. You will receive a high-quality professional CURAPROX toothbrush as a gift.

We are sure that you will be satisfied with the result. Be sure to take advantage of our offer – save your personal budget, and at the same time get the opportunity to sparkle a Hollywood smile! Call QRD Dental today and sign up for a whitening cleaning soon. Hurry up, because the action with a saving of 900 hryvnias for a comprehensive procedure for cleaning and whitening teeth lasts only until the end of the month. Call now!

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