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Teeth whitening price

Teeth whitening price
A snow-white Hollywood smile is a dream of almost everyone! And in the modern world, it has become even more affordable. After all teeth whitening price not as overpriced as you imagined before. So it’s time to cast aside Internet articles where they suggest lightening enamel at home. Want beautiful, white, healthy teeth? Then come to QRD Dental Clinic!

Price of teeth whitening in Kiev

Carrying out the procedure in the dental office is safer than doing it with soda at home or with special strips from the store. Firstly, by doing everything yourself, you can damage the enamel, it will become more sensitive, and secondly, the opposite effect may very unexpectedly turn out. So it’s better to turn to professionals for help!

In terms of cost, the price of teeth whitening in dentistry QRD is only 1800 UAH, and the result is saved for a long period. Moreover, this is the safest method, after which teeth will not fall out, as many people think.
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