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The best implants

The best implants
Implantation is an ideal solution in case of tooth loss. If you intend to use this service in the near future, please contact QRD Dental Clinic, because only the best implants are installed here. Dentistry uses materials from two proven global companies. We will now tell you in detail about their advantages.

What are the best implants?

There are dozens of companies that make dental implants. But QRD clinic works only with the most powerful in this world! And the pricing policy is significantly lower in comparison with competitors.

The first is the Swiss company Straumann, which is number 1 on the market. Here you can be 100% sure that the installed tooth will not fall out after a few years, because the brand provides a lifetime warranty! The price for a turnkey implantation from this company is 28 thousand hryvnia. This is already with the crown and the tooth itself.

What is important, the implant is installed easier than its counterparts, and takes root much faster – from 3 to 6 weeks. It has no age restrictions, and is also allowed for those who have diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, or anatomical disorders.

The second is the Korean company Dentis. It is also one of the best, but this option is more budgetary. Today South Korea supplies dental equipment to many countries. Dentis brand implants are well installed, evenly distribute the load, are perfectly fixed, hypoallergenic and no less reliable. The price for a turnkey implant will be UAH 17,500.

It should be noted that in both cases a zirconium crown is used, which is much better than a metal-ceramic crown. It has been successfully used in dentistry for over 20 years. Zirconium dioxide does not cause allergies, it is absolutely safe for health and has unique characteristics.

Experienced dentists at QRD Dental install only best implants. It is important for us that you like not only the result, but also the quality of the material.

Therefore, call us today and come for a free consultation!

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