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Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics
Dental prosthetics – one of the most popular methods of full or partial restoration of a smile. Dentists at QRD Dental Clinic have been successfully practicing this service for many years and do it not according to outdated methods, but using a modern mathematical approach. How is the restoration of dental tissue in the clinic — see below.

Modern dental prosthetics

Dentures are removable or non-removable. The removable system allows you to completely restore the dentition, and the fixed system — only the missing teeth. In the latter case, you do not have to worry at all, because the crown will be firmly fixed, and you will not feel much difference between your own and artificial teeth.

Often there are situations when the Client has already decided on the procedure, but he is afraid of one thing: whether he will like the final result dental prosthetics and whether it will be comfortable. QRD dentistry assures that if you contact our specialists, there will definitely be nothing to be afraid of. And that’s why.

As we have already noted, QRD Dental Clinic has moved away from the classic, outdated methods, and is practicing a more modern method of dental treatment. Since the 21st century is called the era of technology, our dentistry has decided to keep up with the times and actively use digital devices.

Experienced specialists in the clinic work only with high-quality, proven materials, which are provided with digital protocols. This means that all works can be converted into numbers and reproduced on a 3D printer.

Family dentistry
Thus, the Patient can see on the screen what his future smile will look like after dental prosthetics, and can also try on it without cutting it. The dentist will proceed to the next stage only when you are completely satisfied with the result.

In addition, dentists at QRD Dental Clinic carefully consider and calculate every jaw movement. For this, special devices are used — articulatory. A plaster cast is applied to them on the upper and lower jaw in order to trace all the movements that it can perform and check the load on the chewing apparatus.

This is done to ensure that the crown fits perfectly without filing, and to understand if the work will chip. Therefore, this is how doctors reinsure themselves against poorly performed work and processing.

How to prepare for dental prosthetics

Before you decide on this procedure, you should definitely go to an orthopedic dentist for a consultation. At QRD Dental it is completely free! After that, the doctor will take an X-ray to check the inside of the teeth and assess the general condition.

Before dental prosthetics it is necessary to cure tooth decay, and undergo hygienic cleaning to remove deposits. The doctor will tell you about the rest individually.
Cleaning + Whitening
The price for dental restoration using this method will cost from UAH 5,500. The clinic also provides good discounts, a written guarantee for its work, and there are still many pleasant additional services.

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