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Straight teeth are the dream of any perfectionist. And such a branch of dentistry as orthodontics. To be more specific, dentists from this industry are engaged in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dentoalveolar anomalies.

What does orthodontics study?

The main object of every orthodontist is the human chewing and speech apparatus. If you have an irregular bite, a violation of the dentition, the jaw protrudes, the asymmetry of the face or there are some problems with the number of teeth, then feel free to contact the QRD Detnal clinic. Our specialists have more than 13 years of experience in this field, and they will gladly take on your smile.

Orthodontics — what is the best way to align your teeth?

Modern technologies allow you to properly align your teeth. This can be done with braces — a more classic option, or aligners. The first option in QRD dentistry will cost from UAH 15,000, and the second — UAH 22,500. And here’s the difference between them.

Braces need to be worn constantly, they cannot be removed on their own, it is more difficult to clean after eating and, in fact, you need to think about what to eat. With aligners, everything is much easier. These transparent aligners are comfortable to wear, almost invisible, easy to remove and clean quickly. Although they cost a little more, they are much more convenient. From point of view orthodontics, and the first and second option helps to align the teeth from 6 months to 1-2 years, but the decision is yours.
Cleaning + Whitening

How does orthodontics work at QRD Dental Clinic?

Dentistry is fully adapted to the modern world, where everything can be projected on the screen. This means that if the Client wishes to align the teeth, the dentist can show the final result of the future smile on the monitor, and also tell and visually demonstrate what will happen to the teeth during alignment. And, of course, dentists give a written guarantee to get 100% of the result after the end of the treatment.

Orthodontics for adults and children in Kiev

It’s never too late to take care of your smile: whether you are 15 or far over 30! With the help of a specialized doctor, you can change not only your teeth, but life in general. Many believe that the teeth of young men are more capable of alignment and other manipulations, but here they are mistaken. Because in some cases, in adults, they are even better amenable to correction. If you are embarrassed to wear braces, there is always an alternative. But first, sign up for a free consultation at orthodontics. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, offer treatment options, draw up a step-by-step plan with additional examinations, and you can also get good discounts!

It should be noted that the clinic can use the “Family” package, in case you decide to come with the whole family. It gives an opportunity to get an excellent 10% discount on all services for each relative.
Family dentistry
So if you want to correct the occlusion, make your teeth perfectly straight and healthy — come to QRD Dental Clinic! Better yet, call now and sign up for orthodontics appointment. Do not delay the treatment of the oral cavity, do it today.

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