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Private dentistry

Private dentistry
QRD Dental Clinic – it is modern private dentistry with broad possibilities and a European approach to dental treatment. If you were just looking for a dentist, then it’s time to sign up for a free consultation here. Here you will be welcome any day of the week from 9 am to 9 pm. Would you like to know what awaits you at the reception? Then take a moment and read the text below.

The best private dentistry in Kiev

The QRD clinic is designed for both individual visits and families. Because, in addition to the dentist-therapist, hygienist, orthodontist, surgeon, periodontist and gnathologist, there is a specialized pediatrician. In a playful way, he will explain to the child how to take care of the oral cavity, tell why you should brush your teeth, how the treatment will take place, treat you with useful sweets, and also give you a personal certificate for courage.

Besides, private dentistry created her own QRD System methodology. Thanks to her, dental treatment is many times faster than in conventional clinics, better quality and more economical. And all because doctors take a number of actions, relying on a collegial decision, use only the best materials, check after each procedure, and also provide discounts that are difficult to refuse. For example, using the “Family” package, the cost of treatment will be 10% lower.
Family dentistry

What services can be obtained in private dentistry

At QRD Dental Clinic you can literally do whatever your heart desires. To be more precise, dentists do a full examination of the oral cavity, professional cleaning, whitening, alignment with braces and aligners, implantation, prosthetics, restoration and even veneers. If you want to undergo complex treatment, then in addition, you will receive an extended warranty up to 3 years!

By the way, now private dentistry does cleaning and whitening in just 2 999 uah. With all this, you save 900 hryvnia and get a double effect of a snow-white smile. You can also install implants that will last a lifetime. Their cost starts from 9 thousand uah.
Cleaning + Whitening
Would you like to know more about prices, dental treatment, or have a doctor’s examination? Then give us a call now!

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