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Dental clinic Kiev

Dental clinic Kiev
How would you like to see modern dentistry? Thinking? Now imagine: quality services, the best materials, caring dentists and high-quality service. Sounds great, doesn’t it ?! This is exactly what dental clinic Kiev – QRD Dental Clinic! And now we will tell you how else it differs from others.

Dental clinic services Kiev

QRD Dental – complete dental clinic, where professionals with more than 10 years of experience work: dentist, therapist, surgeon, hygienist, orthodontist, periodontist, children’s doctor. Actually, all those who can make a smile perfect!

Dental clinic Kiev provides services such as: diagnostics and consultation, professional cleaning, implantation, prosthetics, teeth straightening with braces and aligners, artistic restoration, whitening, veneer installation, etc.

It should be noted that therapy at QRD Dental Clinic is of the highest quality, because for each Client a dental treatment plan is drawn up after collective discussion. And also a written guarantee is provided for all services. What is very important in the modern world!

Family dental clinic Kiev

Everyone needs the services of a dentist, regardless of age. The most common problem is tooth decay. It is most often found in sweet lovers and those who do not take good care of the oral cavity. Therefore, dentists always strongly recommend that you undergo examination and do professional cleaning twice a year.

By the way, in QRD Dental there is now a special offer: cleaning and whitening in one session for only 2,999 UAH. It is much cheaper and more efficient.
Cleaning + Whitening
When you decide to go to our doctor, be sure to use the Family package and get a 10% discount for each of your family members, no matter how many procedures you go through.
Family dentistry

Children’s dental clinic Kiev

Milk teeth are the most sensitive, and therefore require proper attention and professional examination.

If your baby is afraid of Doctor Aibolit, just bring him to QRD Dental clinic. Before starting the treatment, our pediatrician will show you how to brush your teeth playfully, draw interesting stages of treatment, at the end he will treat you with useful sweets from his own confectionery and will reward you with a diploma for courage!

After that, the child will cease to be afraid of doctors, because he will understand that not everything is as scary as fantasy suggested.

Dental clinic Kiev – how much does implantation cost?

Adults often lose their permanent teeth, and the reasons for this can be completely different. Fortunately, there is implantation — the most common operation, which allows you to restore a tooth in place of the extracted one in a fairly short time. The founder of QRD has performed over a thousand successful implantation and is ready to offer you his servants.

The clinic cooperates with the number 1 companies in the world for the manufacture of artificial teeth. Accordingly, they provide a lifetime warranty. The price of implants in dental clinic Kiev from 9 to 28 thousand.

If you want to insert a tooth, just sign up for a free consultation with us, the doctor will conduct a diagnosis, tell you in detail how the treatment will take place, tell you how much a particular implant will cost, and also offer a discount to make dental treatment more convenient.

Dental treatment in the dental clinic Kiev – prices

The prices for dental treatment are the most reasonable and significantly lower compared to other clinics.

Here are some examples: dental filling — from 480 UAH; whitening — 1800 UAH; hygienic cleaning from UAH 1650; artistic restoration of a tooth — UAH 2600; braces from 15 thousand, and aligners – 22 500 UAH. You can find the full price list of services on the official website.

Our dental clinic is in Kiev on Sofievskaya Borshagovka on Maiskaya Street 4. We work seven days a week from 9 to 21 and without a queue we receive Clients with acute toothache. So you can call at any convenient time from 7 am to 11 pm.

You need to treat your teeth on time, so be sure to contact our clinic! Call today and come to the doctor for an examination.

Do not be afraid of dentists, they, like other doctors, care about your health!

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