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Teeth whitening cost

Teeth whitening cost
How wonderful it is to have healthy and white teeth. Is not it? And now it is also available to everyone! If you have been planning to go to teeth whitening, then cost the procedure does not bite at all. At QRD Dental Clinic everything will be done quickly, with the highest quality and at a very low cost.

Teeth whitening: cost and result

There is a classic scheme for professional teeth whitening. It consists of two stages. To begin with, the doctor must do hygienic cleaning to remove plaque from the oral cavity, as well as stones. And only after that you can carry out laser or photo whitening. It is important to know that cleaning the oral cavity already lightens the teeth by 1-2 tones. But, unfortunately, it does not give long-term results. Therefore, QRD clinic dentists strongly recommend doing two manipulations in one day. Then white teeth will delight you for many years.

Many are interested in how affordable the popular procedure is – teeth whitening. The cost its execution is only 1800 uah. The price is for cleaning and whitening – 2 999 uah. In turn, from the dentists you will receive not only incredible and instant results, but also the best service with a guarantee.
Cleaning + Whitening

What you need to know about teeth whitening: why such a cost

In the past, enamel brightening was considered an unsafe procedure. Ostensibly because of this, the teeth become more sensitive and mineralization is disturbed. But now everything is different, because modern QRD dentistry cares about its Clients. Dentists use the European technique and special gels that do not harm the teeth, and they are carefully whitened in several tones. To maintain the effect for a long time, you just need to follow the doctor’s recommendations. You will learn about them directly at a free consultation.

If you want healthy teeth, then don’t try to lighten them at home using baking soda, charcoal, paste or strips. Seek professional advice.

QRD Dental Clinic is ready to receive Clients from 9 am to 9 pm every day! Call us today and come to the appointment. Teeth whitening has an accessible cost, so do not deny yourself the simple pleasure.

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