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Implant installation

Implant installation
Almost every second person on the planet has experienced tooth extraction. Sometimes this happens due to mechanical damage, genetics or improper care! In any of these cases, the situation will be solved implant installation. The operation is relatively short-lived, painless and almost guaranteed for a lifetime. Although, the QRD Dental clinic installs such that will last forever. Because dentistry works with a Swiss company that is №1 worldwide!

The cost implant placement from this company – 28 thousand uah. That is, you will not have to pay extra for something else, as sometimes happens in various medical institutions. So there is no cause for concern. But there are also more budget options. Prices for them start at 9 thousand. The doctor will tell you more about their features directly at the appointment.

High-quality implant installation

At QRD Dental Clinic, dentists have been installing dental implants for a long time. They have thousands of surgeries on their way, and all went well. Since the dentists carefully examine the Clients, there are no problems with the engraftment of the titanium post in the gum. And besides, we want to assure you that implant installation will not in any way affect health and the body as a whole. After all, titanium is a light and durable metal that does not decompose and does not enter into chemical reactions with tissues in the tooth canal.

Implant installation – contraindications

There are several reasons why experts advise against implantation. The list of contraindications includes: persons with epilepsy, psychological illnesses, diabetes mellitus, syphilis, tuberculosis, allergies to certain medications. And also during pregnancy, if there are inflammatory diseases or there are blood clotting disorders. But not all of the above is really a reason to refuse implant placement. Therefore, be sure to sign up for a free consultation with a QRD clinic dentist to discuss all the details of the treatment!

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