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Denture broken

Denture broken
Sometimes Patients turn to the dentist for help even when broken denture. And you need to do everything exactly the opposite. Since removable and non-removable structures need correction, it is advisable to come for a regular inspection. Even if nothing bothers you. QRD Dental Clinic is ready to receive you at any convenient time from 9:00 to 21:00 every day! After all, the clinic works seven days a week.

The denture has broken. What reason?

Breakage can be caused by solid food, improper care, and especially the expiration of the service life. Since prostheses are made from different materials, they are worn in different ways. Usually 10-15 years old, but maybe less. For example, if you have acrylic plate prostheses installed.

It is also worth knowing that the shape of the gums may change over time. Perhaps that is why unexpectedly broken denture. To avoid such an outcome of events, you just need to make an appointment with a doctor, where they will adjust everything so that you are comfortable.

What to do when a denture breaks

First, don’t try to fix it yourself! So you can only aggravate the situation and no one will get better from it. It is advisable to consult a dentist immediately. Perhaps the structure can be repaired. The reconstruction will take approximately several days. After all, the repair will be done in a special laboratory. If, nevertheless, dentures cannot be repaired, then they will be replaced with new ones. And that’s it, no problem!

Denture broken: how much does it cost to install a new one

In dentistry, QRD issues a written guarantee for both prosthetics and implantation and other work. Therefore, if it suddenly turns out that you broken denture before the expiration date, be sure to tell your doctor about it. In this case, repair or replacement will be free of charge. But if a breakdown happened after the above, or you want to install a new prosthesis, then its cost will start from 2 500 uah. It all depends on the type of artificial structure.

You will be told more about treatment and prices at a free consultation. So call QRD Dental today and make an appointment!

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