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Dental prosthetics prices

Dental prosthetics prices
Absolutely everyone, regardless of age, can face the loss of teeth, and there are many reasons for this. These include improper care, poor lifestyles, or injury. But is this really a problem now? Of course not! After all, it is possible to restore the dentition partially or completely in just a matter of days. And it is also possible, because on dental prosthetics prices quite accessible to everyone. Especially at QRD Dental Clinic. Here everything will be done quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee, and they will also provide you with good discounts. Do you want to know more about this procedure and its cost? Then be sure to read the information below.

Removable dental prosthetics – prices

Dentures of this type are partial and complete. The first is used in the absence of several teeth in a row, which are located next to each other. Artificial teeth will be no different from their own: they are easy to care for, have no contraindications, and even without age restrictions. Accordingly, you will not see a significant difference.

And full dentures fill the entire row. They can be safely removed at night, and thus the gums will rest from the load.

And here is the price for dental prosthetics: prices for partial recovery in the dental clinic QRD stable – total 5 500 UAH, but the full one is 6 000 UAH. But before you decide on this step, sign up for a free consultation so that the doctor carefully examines the oral cavity and its features.

Fixed dental prosthetics – prices

You cannot remove such prostheses on your own. Actually – it is not necessary! Because they do not provide any discomfort. There are other benefits as well. For example, fixed dentures will last for many years – about 10-15 years, they are reliable, durable and beautiful in appearance.

Crown prices start from 2 500 UAH. By the way, in QRD dentistry, not only metal-ceramic and zirconium crowns are installed, but also metal-free E max. They are distinguished by their strength and safety.

In addition, such prostheses do not change color, but cost only from 5 400 UAH.

So do not waste your time and sign up for dental prosthetics! The prices here are not at all cosmic! Call us today and the doctor will see you at any time and day of the week.

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