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Teeth whitening cost

Teeth whitening cost
White teeth are always beautiful! But many do not dare to make an appointment with a dentist for enamel lightening, because they think that teeth whitening cost they can’t afford it. If you also had this opinion, then leave it in the past! Indeed, QRD Dental Clinic has a special offer for you, which will allow you to do everything quickly, efficiently and with double results. Are you interested? Then stay on this page and read the text below. Here you will learn not only the cost of the service, but also about other possibilities.

What is the cost of teeth whitening

First, the price for this procedure is affordable! And secondly, whitening is completely safe. Remember earlier we pointed to the stock? So, QRD dentistry provides an excellent opportunity for you! Only 2 999 hryvnia doctor will do two procedures in one session. This includes professional cleaning and whitening. The savings in this case will amount to as much as 900 UAH.
Cleaning + Whitening
“Why do I need two procedures?” – you ask. Because brushing is a must before you start bleaching. And this way your teeth will be even lighter than expected.

Teeth whitening cost separately from brushing

The price for a dental procedure without professional cleaning of the oral cavity is only 1800 hryvnia. But, please note that this manipulation is impossible without first cleaning the teeth from stones and plaque. Also, it not only performs the function of cleansing, but also brightens the teeth by about 1-2 tones. But the result does not last long. That is why the procedure should be supported by bleaching. Thus, the smile will flicker and delight you for a long time.

Agree, it’s not that big teeth whitening cost, considering that the procedure needs to be carried out only once, and happiness will last for a long time!

Also in QRD Dental you can undergo complex dental treatment. Because dentistry employs a hygienist, orthodontist, surgeon, pediatrician, periodontist and gnathologist.

So do not think, but be sure to come for a free consultation! Call us today and you will be received at the most convenient time!

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