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Implant installation price

Implant installation price
Have you ever wondered why a person needs 32 teeth? It would be logical to answer that for the convenience of chewing food. Yes! But this is not the only reason. First, crushed foods are better digested in the stomach. Secondly, the teeth serve to support the shape of the face, so that it does not deform. And thirdly, to avoid speech defects. That is why, in the absence of a tooth, it is important implant installation. Price available for this aesthetic pleasure. At QRD Dental Clinic you have a great opportunity to do everything efficiently, quickly and for good money. And this is important. Is not it? In addition, after the operation, you will be given a long-term written guarantee.

Safe implantation – turnkey price

Modern Patients often get dental implants. Since this method is most effective in case of smile restoration. The operation itself does not last long – about half an hour or an hour, and it is also safe – from the word “absolutely”, and, of course, painless. After all, the doctor will definitely carry out local anesthesia before proceeding to the regeneration process. So don’t be afraid and think about whether to sign up for implant placement. Price for this service at the QRD dental clinic starts from 9 000 грн. And the most expensive implants will cost you 28 thousand. But the money is definitely worth it. At least because artificial teeth are manufactured by a Swiss company, which is number 1 in the world in terms of quality. Most importantly, they provide a lifetime warranty. Isn’t that what every visitor to dentistry wants?

Is it possible to quickly install the implant, and what will be the price

Sure! But first, you must definitely come for a free consultation at QRD Dental clinic. Thus, the doctor will be able to quickly answer how long it will take to install the implant, how to prepare for the operation, and what the cost will be.

Let’s also consider such an option as a one-stage implantation. It is used immediately after tooth extraction. Accordingly, everything will pass even faster than planned. In addition, both services are available at QRD Dental Clinic. After all, a surgeon, an orthodontist, a periodontist, a hygienist, a gnathologist, a therapist and a children’s doctor work here. In a word – everything can be done in one dentistry!

Still wondering if you need implant installation? Price not so big as to deny yourself the moments that relate to health. Therefore, call us now! The doctor is ready to see you at any convenient time.

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