About Dentistry

Modern dentistry in Kiev — today this concept combines several important aspects: pain-free treatment, the latest equipment, high-quality materials, the correct full solution to the problem and the high responsibility of doctors for the final result. It is these technologies and approaches that await you at the QRD Dental dentistry. For us, customer comfort and professional fulfillment of all treatment tasks are always in the first place.

QRD SYSTEM’s proprietary methodology allows our specialists to complete the treatment comprehensively and efficiently. Thanks to a comprehensive diagnosis, taking into account several doctors and making a collegial decision, the Client receives a phased plan for solving his problem and even more — a detailed roadmap to the smile of his dreams!


How is the treatment in QRD Dental Clinic

Another advantage of our approach is that you can not postpone your treatment “for the next month” or “after the holidays” because it is expensive. Now there is a treatment in modern dentistry in Kiev — just move in small steps on your roadmap in a convenient schedule.

In each dentistry of our network, doctors with extensive experience working with at least 10 years of practice work: we do not have students studying at the expense of the patients’ health – professional modern dentistry will never allow ourselves to save on the service or the doctors. The best materials and equipment, experienced specialists and a high level of service and comfort for each patient are the invariable principles of the QRD Dental Clinic.

All dental services are provided by agreement. At each stage, quality control is performed. And after achieving the result, a long-term guarantee is issued for all work and materials. All QRD Dental patients receive not only timely and effective treatment, but also the assurance that their interests and health are protected.

The desire to adhere to the most important values ​​and the chosen concept lies in the name of the QRD Dental dentistry: only Quality — quality in everything, Responsibility — responsibility and Durability — long-term result! This is how we work, live and treat our patients.