І. Consultation, diagnosis and general manipulation

Consultation without examination of the oral cavity up to 15 minutesFree
Extended consultation: diagnostics, treatment plan with determination of the cost of all work


With treatment – free


650 uah

X-ray visiography100 uah
Removal of dental deposits, brushing – 2 jaws

1    Level of difficulty

(Ultrasonic subgingival brushing and air-abrasive polishing ( Air Flow with glycine) 

2    Level of difficulty

(Ultrasonic subgingival brushing and air-abrasive polishing ( Air Flow with glycine) + brush CURAPROX

1650 uah
2100 uah

ІI. Anesthesia

Anesthesia (conduction, infiltration)200 uah
Application anesthesia50 uah

ІII. Dentistry

Photopolymer sealот 900 uah
Tooth restoration (artistic)2 600 uah
Medical laying260 uah

IV. Endodontic dentistry (filling, root canal obstruction)

Single root canal treatment


650 uah

Filling (obturation) for one root canal


from 480 uah


Temporary filling of the root canals of the tooth350 uah
The passage of a sclerosed, previously treated, or “collapsible” canal


1 050 uah
Glass fiber pin400 uah

V. Fixed prosthetics

Ceramic-metal crownfrom 2500 uah
Zircon oxide ceramic crownfrom 5 400 uah
Anatomical zirconium oxide crownfrom 5 000 uah
Metal-free crown E maxfrom 5400 uah

VI. Removable dental prosthetics

Full removable denture acrylic6 000 uah
Partial denture acrylic5 500 uah
Clasp prosthesis with cast metal claspsfrom 8800 uah

VII. Dental prosthetics based on implants

Implantation (Dentis) – South Koreafrom 9 000 uah
Implantation (Straumann)from 15 000 uah
Osteoplastic surgery – sinus lifting position of 2-3 teeth (without the cost of materials)8 900 uah

VIII. Surgical Dentistry. The cost of surgical procedures is indicated without anesthesia

Tooth extraction 1 and 2 – root470 uah
Tooth extraction 3 – root790 uah
Removal of a movable crown of a tooth200 uah
Tooth extraction200 uah
Atypical tooth extraction (complex)from 1 600 uah
Removing a “wisdom” tooth is typical900 uah

IX. Pediatric Dentistry

Teeth brushing in children with a water jets
Air Flow Glycine (1 jaw)
380 uah
Professional cleaning of milk teeth 2 jaws500 uah
Milk tooth seal – glass ionomer450 uah
Milk Tooth Printing – Photopolymer650 uah
Milk tooth pulpitis treatment (1 channel)590 uah
Treatment of periodontitis of the deciduous tooth (1 channel)890 uah
Teeth coating “Fluor protector” (1 functional group of 4-6 teeth)400 uah

X. Orthodontics

Easy Bite (1 capa)от 2800 uah
Removable orthodontic appliancesfrom 3000 uah
Bracket System metal 1 jaw14 000 uah
Elasto – Eliner22 500 uah
Bracket Ceramic system 1 jaw18 000 uah
Invisalign175 000 uah