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Eliners – alignment without braces

Eliners Kyiv

What is she, the smile of your dreams? This is when the teeth are even, snow-white, look natural and at the same time still strong. Is not it? All this is easily achievable. For example, in the first case, alignment of the teeth can be done. This usually happens with the help of braces, but there are other more advanced options – for example, eliners. You can correct your teeth at any age. You just need to take action to change your life for the better.

Bent teeth can become due to improper aftertaste. However, in modern dentistry this problem is completely solvable. First, you should contact the QRD Dental dentistry for advice. Our specialists will draw up a treatment plan and carry out tooth alignment in the shortest possible time.

Braces-free teeth alignment methods

As already mentioned, it is possible to make teeth perfectly even not only with the help of braces. In dentistry, QRD Dental will offer you innovative treatment methods – eliners that help align teeth. These are wonderful mouthguards that are made of transparent plastic or silicone. They are usually invisible on the teeth, so you can safely wear them during the day. In addition, this method of aligning the teeth brings minimal discomfort. And also, unlike braces, you can not sort out food and eat whatever your heart desires, because care is minimal!

Eliners Kiev

Who can do tooth alignment with mouthguards

Braces are optional to keep your teeth straight. But alignment of the teeth with mouth guards is more suitable for those who have only one or two teeth uneven, who, due to the taste, have no problems with speech, and also, if this does not affect the appearance and chewing apparatus. This also includes cases where the gums are too low. If you need to align your teeth so that it is invisible to others, just notify your dentist and we will do it!

How teeth are aligned with braces

Braces are a classic option that any specialist in the field of orthodontics will offer. These small clasps are attached to the teeth and fixed with a thin wire. Under close medical supervision, the teeth soon become straight. In the first few days there may be some discomfort, but there is nothing wrong with this: it only indicates that the process of aligning the teeth has begun.
The most common question that our patients ask is: “How much do you need to wear braces?”. Our answer: from about 6 months to 1-2 years. It all depends on how rough the teeth are. Therefore, it is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor to draw up an individual plan for teeth alignment. Only he will say the correct answer.

Who should not wear dental braces

There are some problems that may prevent the installation of braces. First of all, poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, allergic reactions to metal, plastic, or with acute periodontitis.
If you decide to make your smile perfect, contact us. In dentistry, QRD Dental will offer the best solution for aligning teeth. Call us and sign up for a time convenient for you!

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