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Implantation Kyiv with the best price

Today, dental implants are in great demand among Ukrainians and citizens of other countries. After all, this is a good solution for those who have some problems with the oral cavity, namely with complete or partial loss of teeth. If you think it is worth doing, then let’s look at this issue together. Agree, it’s worth spending a little time so that everyone does not hesitate to smile broadly.

How many years will dental implants last?

If you compare with an ordinary filling, then be sure that these teeth will last you long enough. An implant is an artificial root made of titanium, and this metal has very good properties: low density and high enough strength. By the way, there are some interesting facts that concern dental implants. It turns out that titanium was discovered back in 1795, and for the first time it was used for surgical repositions only in 1951. Now it is actively used to create blanks for implants, on which dentists then attach an artificial high-strength tooth. With proper daily care, they will last you from 15 to 30 years (the implants themselves serve a lifetime and the crowns from 10-15 years).

Which is better: dental implants or bridges

When only a hole is left from the tooth, you need to hurry to the dentist. This is necessary because the teeth have such properties as filling the space, namely, they can move, which leads to malocclusion and often to very serious health problems. When you urgently need to seek help, tooth displacement can be a big problem. If you decide to put up a bridge, then be prepared that this will damage neighboring teeth. As for dental implantation, this solution is much better, because during dental operations other teeth do not suffer. But maintaining your health is the most important thing, right?

Implantation Kiev

How quickly dental implants take root in your mouth

There are several myths on this subject. Some argue that artificial teeth may not take root, and thereby frighten those who finally decided to tackle their smile. But this is far from true, as modern dental implants are made from materials that are easily perceived by the human body.

How long does a dental implant take?

Often, those who decide to renew their smile when they come to the dentist are nervous and terribly afraid. Of course, at first it may look intimidating, but in reality everything is not as scary as it seems from the outside. All you need is a little discipline and patience. You can install dental implants in 4-5 visits to the doctor, but these visits will be for 2-3 months. In QRD Dental dentistry, implantation is possible completely on a turn-key basis: taking into account diagnostics, surgery, healing of the gums, removal of fingerprints, crown and, of course, taking into account all materials and the work of specialists. Moreover, our patients are accompanied by an experienced dentist during the entire implantation process, so that the treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible. That’s why tooth implantation is the best that a dentist can offer you when you need to get rid of the voids in the dentition.
Experienced QRD Dental specialists will make your smile superb and memorable. Each doctor will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.
Still thinking about installing dental implants? Call us right now and come to the dentist consultation – you can ask questions and get the necessary answers. Do not put off until later what can significantly improve your life today. Take the first step to dental implants with QRD Dental. Make an appointment with us right now!

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