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Dental implantation

Implantation Kyiv with the best price

Professional dental implantation is a process that everyone who wants to be happy chooses for themselves. Why is it so important to restore the number of teeth given to us by nature? Everything is very simple!

Every person feels happy when he does what he loves, when he is appreciated, loved, respected, but most importantly, when there are no health problems! And it is very important in this matter — the health of the oral cavity and all teeth. Getting pleasure from what one wants to eat, be it ice cream, pistachios, sweets or a juicy green apple, every person becomes a little happier at the moment of thoroughly chewing food.

The taste and the ability to eat what you want is a delicate and important thing for our body. The level of endorphins in the body goes off scale when you fully enjoy your favorite food! Therefore, professional dental implantation using the best implants is, without exaggeration, an important process not only for maintaining health, but in general an important choice for maintaining a high-quality standard of living!

Dental implantation prices: inexpensive turnkey

There are several stereotypes about the price – dental implantation considered either very expensive or very cheap. Oddly enough, this paradox was reinforced in the market by marketing campaigns somewhat divorced from reality.

Dreaming to turn dental implantation into the conveyor, some clinics advertise the topic of “cheapness of implantation”: supposedly for 6000-8000 UAH you can put both an implant and a crown, and everything is turnkey! In fact, the patient will be disappointed when he follows the low price.

As soon as there is a desire to understand a little more in detail, you will immediately understand where they save money on you — either the implant will be of the most disgusting quality, or they simply “forgot” to include the work of specialists in the price, or they will slip the cheapest crown, or find other problems and impose procedures, for which will require additional payment. And very often, cheap work ends with cracks in the crown, implant, lack of warranty, constant aching pain due to non-compliance with the technology and many other problems that you will most likely get for a “low cost of turnkey implantation”.

Remember the proverb: the miser pays twice! You should not pay with your health for the desire of some dentists to earn money for you with an easy marketing deception.

Dental implantation on the best implants: affordable prices

At the same time, the high cost of implants in other clinics (from the so-called luxury segment) is unambiguously overestimated and forms the stereotype of the high cost of implantation. Prices of 5,000-8,000 euros for a turnkey implantation of one tooth, of course, please only dentists. But do not think that such a pricing policy is a common practice.

In dentistry QRD for comparison of prices for the best Swiss implants in the world according to the recognition of many doctors Straumann — 13900 UAH. A turnkey tooth implantation (with casts, with a crown, with an implant, with the work of specialists) costs 22,300 UAH. The guarantee for such an implant is lifetime!

At the same time, there are alternative options — for example, excellent Korean implants for UAH 10500. The main thing is to know about the possibilities and affordability of prices that QRD Dental dentistry offers you in Kiev. Ask your doctor what your options are! We are sure that we will find a comfortable schedule for the calculation and treatment.

Sign up for a consultation right now and appreciate the opportunities that are open to you – at last you can eat deliciously, enjoying every bite!

How is dental implantation performed?

QRD experts recommend starting implantation after consulting a professional dentist. If there are several empty spaces in the dentition, then dental implantation usually performed immediately to restore all missing teeth. It will be cheaper than implanting each tooth separately.

The fact is that initially it is necessary to do a CT scan — computed tomography: a picture of the jaw for study, calculations and modeling. Further preparatory work will be done: teeth cleaning, treatment of adjacent teeth to the implantation site. If it is necessary to strengthen the bone tissue to secure the implant attachment, QRD Dental professional dentists will certainly offer to increase it. And it is better to do all the processes at once, so as not to return later to each missing tooth separately.

This is followed by the surgical stage dental implantation: the dentist-surgeon starts to work, prepares the “shafts” for the implants and installs the implants themselves (with the minimally invasive technique, the dentist makes only a puncture of the gums, and with the one-step technique, the implant is placed directly into the hole of the newly extracted tooth). Install the gingiva former. And, of course, an abutment is placed — the necessary link between the implant and the crown of the tooth, the crown itself is actually attached to it.

Then there is a short break. After the operation, it is necessary to give the body 2-4 months for healing and recovery (open method). In the case of closed sinus lift and the presence of favorable conditions, the implant is placed immediately.

Orthopedic stage dental implantation — final, here already the result will be beautiful new strong ceramic teeth. After the implants have healed, the dentist takes impressions from the gums and dentition to make a crown. Zirconium crowns are considered the best today. Metal-ceramic crowns will be cheaper, but not as strong as zirconia. In any case, everyone chooses for himself – in QRD Dental dentistry any options are possible.

After the crowns are ready, they are placed on the abutment. After a week or two, a correction is made.

Professional dental implantation – a process extended in time. But in general, it is not very tiring, because the patient gets new teeth in just 5-7 visits to the dentist! In addition, the procedures are painless – during surgery, anesthesia is required.

There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. In the QRD Dental dental blade, doctors will be able to calculate and conduct dental implantation for a convenient budget for you! The main thing is not to put off your path to a fulfilling and happy life. Sign up for a consultation right now!

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