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Periodontology Kiev

When bacteria attack the oral cavity, the gums become inflamed. And in order to cure them, you need to contact the dentist in the periodontology department. Professionally, it is a periodontist who treats gums, as well as bone tissue, where dental roots are located. Very often, patients do not attach importance when the first symptoms appear, making, at times, an unforgivable mistake. If you start the process and do not pay attention to bleeding gums, swelling, discoloration of the gums and other very obvious symptoms, you can simply lose a tooth or even a few.

What is periodontology

As mentioned above, this is a special section of dentistry. High-class specialists are involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontitis. Periodontal is called the tissue that surrounds the tooth and is responsible for its fixation. At the first stage, when you get into periodontics, the doctor must carefully study the whole situation, prescribe tests and only then do treatment. If you are lucky, then you can do without surgical intervention.

What diseases does periodontology deal with?

Dentists-periodontists treat diseases of the oral cavity – all stages of periodontitis and gingivitis. Periodontitis is characterized by bleeding gums, while they hurt and can change color. If you don’t go to the dentist on time, then periodontitis can go into a more complex form. In total, there are 4 stages of periodontitis: at the first stage of the disease, you can observe a slight mobility of the teeth, and already at the last stage you can see how the tooth staggers when inhaling and exhaling. Gingivitis is expressed as gum disease, which in periodontology is also divided into several forms of manifestation.

At advanced stages of periodontitis, facial surgeons may also be involved in treatment. For example, in the case when bone grafting is required – at the third and fourth stages of periodontitis, bone tissue extension (planting) may be required.

Similar diseases are often treated by doctors at the QRD Dental Clinic. It’s important just not to start the disease and take appropriate measures in time – call us and make an appointment for a consultation.

Periodontology: interesting facts

More than half of the population goes through various diseases of the oral cavity. The most common gum disease, bleeding. This especially occurs during brushing or flossing. But, unlike our ancestors, now you can safely turn to the right doctor for help. There are many interesting facts about periodontology that are not widely known. For example, this direction in dentistry appeared in ancient Egypt. Even papyruses date back to 659 BC, where unique recipes for gum disease were painted.

The development of periodontology in ancient Rome and China

This dental direction began to gain momentum in ancient China as far back as the 3rd century BC. And it was there that they came to the conclusion that gums need massage. Amazing Is not it? This must be done because one of the main causes of inflammation is precisely poor circulation. Ancient Rome was also well acquainted with periodontics. There, for teeth that were already loosened, they used powder with silica, honey and frankincense.

Today, modern dentistry QRD Dental offers safer and significantly more effective methods of treatment without any experimentation. If you still think where to turn for help in case of gum disease, call us right now and be sure to make an appointment. Our periodontists will surely solve the urgent and urgent problem. Call us now!

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